The UK National External Quality Assessment Service [UK NEQAS] centre in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh is one of more than twenty centres in the UK that monitor the performance of clinical laboratory testing nationally and internationally [UK NEQAS main website].

The Edinburgh centre provides external quality assessment (EQA) for Peptide hormones, Tumour markers, Pregnancy testing and Maternal serum screening.

Scheme details

Learn more about operation of the UK NEQAS for Peptide Hormones, the analytes monitored and the frequency and type of specimens issued. Registration forms are also available for download.

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Results & reports

Results can be entered and reports accessed via the web. Participants who do not already have a password can request one here.

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Research involvement

The Edinburgh centre is actively participating in a number of national and international initiatives to improve the quality of clinical laboratory testing.

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The UK NEQAS for Peptide Hormones provides external quality assessment for a range of endocrine analytes and tumour markers that are routinely measured in hospital laboratories. Regular assessment of accuracy and stability of analytical results is undertaken, and is complemented by occasional Surveys of Practice and Interpretative Exercises. EQA of maternal serum screening is also provided and includes assessment of interpretation, both of risk and recommendations for action.

The objective information and advice provided to clinical laboratories on the quality of both analytical and interpretative performance enables them to provide accurate and reliable test results and advice to clinicians, and facilitates optimal patient care.

UK NEQAS [Edinburgh] is accredited by the UK Accreditation Service [UKAS] [Reference No 8505].